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Olympic Peninsula Fishing Guide Charter Service in Forks, Washington

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If you are looking for an expert fishing guide for the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State, you should get in touch with Nick Hendrickson, owner of Olympic Peninsula Guide Service in Forks, Washington.

Forks, Washington Fishing Guide Service

You'll be making lifetime memories, whether you are fishing for Salmon, Steelhead, King Salmon, Coho, Silvers or Springers.  If you want to do some fly fishing, Nick is a pro fly fishing guide as well and has got you covered.  Fish on the rivers or book an ocean fishing charter or salmon charter.  Nick also provides scenic river tours if you'd like to take in the beauty of the pristine Olympic Peninsula rivers and are not interested in fishing.

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Nick Hendrickson is the owner of Olympic Peninsula Guide Service. He was born and raised on the Olympic Peninsula where he learned to fish at a young age from his father and grandfather. He fishes all year and has fun doing it. "To me, the scenery is just as valuable as a fish on the other end of my line. Fish, laughter, and some great pictures are just a few things you can expect to get with me as your Pro Fishing Guide or Charter Captain." 

Salmon Fishing Guide

Nick Hendrickson is an expert Salmon Fishing Guide.  The salmon fishing species that are in the Pacific Northwest Fishers are: Chinook Salmon (also called "King Salmon"), Coho Salmon (also called "Silver Salmon"), Chum Salmon, Sockeye Salmon ("Red Salmon" or "Kokanee Salmon") and Pink Salmon ("Humpback Salmon" or "Humpie").

Nick specializes in guided salmon fishing for King, Coho and Sockeye Salmon as well as and steelhead fishing trips. He also guides for Tuna, Halibut, Lingcod and sea run cutthroat trout.

You'll enjoy your exiting excursion in our freshwater, coastal rivers or a Pacific Ocean charter service.  We'll cruise through rain forests and you'll take in breathtaking views while in search of your trophy catch as you make memories that will last a lifetime.

Whether you are experienced in fishing or this is your first trip, you will enjoy a first-class fishing experience.

Chinook Salmon - King Salmon

Chinook salmon are the largest of the Pacific salmon, with some individuals growing to more than 100 pounds. These huge fish are rare, as most mature Chinook are under 50 pounds.

Chinook are anadromous fish native to the North Pacific Ocean and the river systems of western North America, ranging from California to Alaska, as well as Asian rivers ranging from northern Japan to the Palyavaam River in the Arctic north-east Siberia. They have been introduced to other parts of the world, including New Zealand, the Great Lakes of North America and Patagonia. A large Chinook is a prized and sought-after catch for a sporting angler. The flesh of the salmon is also highly valued for its dietary nutritional content, which includes high levels of important omega-3 fatty acids. Some populations are endangered; however, many are healthy. The Chinook salmon has not been assessed for the IUCN Red List. 

Coho Salmon - Silver Salmon

Coho Salmon average in size between 6-12 lbs and have been caught as large as 31 lbs.

Coho are a very popular sport fish in both salt and fresh water. Coho (Silver Salmon) use coastal streams and tributaries and are often present in small neighborhood streams. 

Coho spawn in small coastal streams and the tributaries of larger rivers. They prefer areas of mid-velocity water with small to medium sized gravel. Because they use small streams with limited space, they must use many such streams to successfully reproduce, which is why coho can be found in virtually every small coastal stream with a year-round flow.

Returning coho often gather at the mouths of streams and wait for the water flow to rise, such as after a rain storm, before heading upstream. The higher flows and deeper water enable the fish to pass obstacles that would otherwise be impassable.

Coho have a very regular life history. They are deposited in the gravel as eggs in the fall, emerge from the gravel the next spring and in their second spring go to sea, about 18 months later. Coho fry are usually found in the pools of small coastal streams and the tributaries of larger rivers.

Chum Salmon

The chum salmon (Oncorhynchus keta) is a species of anadromous fish in the salmon family. It is a Pacific salmon, and may also be known as dog salmon or keta salmon, and is often marketed under the name silverbrite salmon. The name chum salmon comes from the Chinook Jargon term tzum, meaning "spotted" or "marked", while keta in the scientific name comes from the Evenki language of Eastern Siberia via Russian. 

Most chum salmon spawn in small streams and intertidal zones. Some chum travel more than 3,200 km (2,000 mi) up the Yukon River. Chum fry migrate out to sea from March through July, almost immediately after becoming free swimmers. They spend one to three years traveling very long distances in the ocean. These are the last salmon to spawn (November to January) in some regions. In Alaska they are the first to spawn in June and August and are then followed by pink and coho salmon. They die about two weeks after they return to the freshwater to spawn. They utilize the lower tributaries of the watershed, tend to build nests called redds, really little more than protected depressions in the gravel, in shallow edges of the watercourse and at the tail end of deep pools. The female lays eggs in the redd, the male sprays milt on the eggs, and the female covers the eggs with gravel. The female can lay up to 4000 eggs.

Sockeye Salmon

Sockeye salmon (Oncorhynchus nerka), also called red salmon, kokanee salmon, or blueback salmon, is an anadromous species of salmon found in the Northern Pacific Ocean and rivers discharging into it. This species is a Pacific salmon that is primarily red in hue during spawning.

They can grow up to 84 cm (2 ft 9 in) in length and weigh 2.3 to 7 kg (5.1–15.4 lb). Juveniles remain in freshwater until they are ready to migrate to the ocean, over distances of up to 1,600 km (990 mi). Their diet consists primarily of zooplankton. Sockeye salmon are semelparous, dying after they spawn. Some populations, referred to as kokanee, do not migrate to the ocean and live their entire lives in freshwater. 

Pink Salmon

Pink salmon or humpback salmon (Oncorhynchus gorbuscha) is a species of anadromous fish in the salmon family. It is the smallest and most abundant of the Pacific salmon. The scientific species name is based on the Russian common name for this species gorbúša (горбуша), which literally means humpie. 

Source: Wikipedia

Steelhead Fishing Guide

A steelhead is an ocean going rainbow trout. (Oncorhynchus mykiss), a species of salmonid native to tributaries of the Pacific Ocean in Asia and North America as well as much of the central, western, eastern, and especially the northern portions of the United States.

The ocean going (anadromous) form (including those returning for spawning) are known as steelhead, or ocean trout (Australia). The species has been introduced for food or sport to at least 45 countries, and every continent except Antarctica.

Steelhead Fishing Season

You can typically fish for steelhead January through September - winter and summer steelhead fishing.

King Salmon Fishing Guide

King Salmon (he Chinook salmon) /ʃɪˈnʊk/ (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha) is the largest species in the Pacific salmon genus Oncorhynchus. The common name refers to the Chinookan peoples. Other vernacular names for the species include king salmon, Quinnat salmon, spring salmon, and Tyee salmon. The scientific species name is based on the Russian common name chavycha (чавыча).

King Salmon Fishing Season

You can typically fish for king salmon April through July (Spring Kings) and then again in October and November (Fall Kings)

Coho Fishing Guide

Coho Salmon or Silver Salmon is a species of anadromous fish in the salmon family, one of the several species of Pacific salmon.

Coho salmon are also known as silver salmon or "silvers". The scientific species name is based on the Russian common name kizhuch.

Coho Salmon Fishing Season

You can typically fish for coho salmon August and September (Summer Coho) and through October and November (Fall Coho).

Silver Salmon Fishing Guide

Call on Nick Hendrickson to be your silver salmon fishing guide on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State.

Silver Salmon Fishing Season

Same as coho (silvers are another name for coho salmon).

You can typically fish for silver salmon August and September (Summer Silvers) and through October and November (Fall Silvers).

Springer Salmon Fishing Guide

Commonly referred to as "springers," Spring-run king or chinook salmon are considered the most prized of all Pacific salmon. They are valued both for the fight they present to the angler as well as the taste they provide for the chef.

Nick Hendrickson is ready to take you on your adventure after "springers"

Salmon Charter

Nick Hendrickson provides Ocean Fishing Charters for Salmon as well as river fishing excursions.  These fishing charters also provide the opportunity to for some bottom fishing (Halibut and Lindcod are favorites) as well as Tuna and some other species.

Scenic River Tour

If you are not particularly interested in fishing, Nick will be happy to provide you with a scenic river tour on one or more of the Olympic Peninsula's west end rivers.  Enjoy clean air and pristine views with chances of seeing Elk, Bear, Deer, Eagles.  You might even catch a blurry glimpse of a Sasquatch.

Fly Fishing Guide

Choose Nick Hendrickson, owner of Olympic Peninsula Guide Service, for your next fly fishing trip to Washington State's Olympic Peninsula.  Nick is an experienced fly fishing guide.

Ocean Fishing Charter

Book your next ocean fishing charter with Nick Hendrickson of Forks, Washington.  You'll depart from the Olympic Peninsula's west coast (from Neah Bay on the north to La Push on the south.

Ocean species fished for include: salmon (including King salmon), halibut, tuna, ling cod, sea bass and more.


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Olympic Peninsula Fishing Guide Charter Service
Olympic Peninsula Fishing Guide Charter Service